I'm John Mars,

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a Creative Technologist who bridges the gap between the worlds of design and engineering.

I’ve built a portal to another dimension, told stories using motion-tracking and VR, and I even have a patent for mixed-reality haptics.

Companies I've worked with include

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Notable projects I've worked on are

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A series of playable cereal synthesizers powered by a custom AR web app.

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A life-sized portal that transported Comic-Con attendees into the world of Rick & Morty.

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A magical place where a group can see, feel, and interact with animated characters.

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An insanely realistic "robot" with VR and tactile controls.

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Ever wanted a bowl of halloween candy that never empties?

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VR experiences visible on the street for the holidays

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A series of permanent installations that showcase Google Cloud technology and partnerships.

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Showcasing NFTs and vending swag to RCC holders

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Text-to-image world building using Google Imagen

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Help teach kids to be safe online with interactive games and experiences.

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Design & concepting for Google's first foray into permanent physical retail.

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Show off some of the amazing things Google can do to help you have a wonderful weekend.

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Tools I use include

  • Three.js
  • Illustrator & Figma
  • Max / MSP
  • React (Next.js)
  • TouchDesigner
  • Node.js
  • 3D Printers & Laser Cutters
  • Arduino & Raspberry Pi
  • Unity

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